Tissot PRX Watch Strap

The Tissot PRX Watch Straps is the newest brother to The Strap Brothers family. Made with premium quality rubber FKM and a built in switching mechanism – already mothers favorite.

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High quality straps tailor made for the Tissot PRX watch. These straps have a built-in replace mechanism: a strap can easily be replaced with one hand with the built-in toggle.

The newest edition

The Tissot PRX straps are the newest edition to the family. All design experience of the previous straps has been used to optimize the design and materials for this one.


Pinch to switch mechanism

The straps have a built in mechanism to make switching straps easy. With just a (really good) pinch on the inside of the strap, the strap can be removed from the watch. This makes it easy to always match your strap (and Tissot) with your watch.

High quality FKM rubber

The Tissot straps are created with high quality FKM Rubber. This makes the straps long durable and prevents color changes. The material is very robust which ensures that your Tissot PRX watch stays save.

Installation tool to change the buckle

Want to change the buckle? No problem at all! These straps are delivered with an installation tool, this tool can be helpful when changing the buckle.